Monday, 6 July 2009

Somewhere Under the Rainbow

GRD II, f5, 1/320, ISO 80, RAW

After the heatwave we had in the last days we got the rain back today. The good thing about the rain today was that it created some dramatic clouds and shadows. On my way home I even saw two rainbows over Blackheath. It looked fantastic and while I was glad to have my GRD II with me, the CX1 would have been better due to the longer zoom for this since there were some nice detail shots I could have taken. I was split between two pictures for today, this one and one of both rainbows but somehow this just worked better.
I quite miss the CX1 and am thinking of buying one or the CX2 when it comes out to have in my bag just in case.


  1. Dramatic sky, great shot

  2. Thanks Yesbuts! The sky was great. This is the good thing wih having some summer rain, after the rain is gone the sky looks great.

  3. Now you have me on the watch for rainbows...if it would only rain more in Northern California! :)

  4. Rainbows are nice but not always easy to capture properly. If you want more rain you should come to London, you will soon have enough of it. ;)