Tuesday, 7 July 2009


GRD II, f5, 1/500, ISO 80, RAW

The weather has been grey and rainy all day so I have not been taking many pictures and have been a bit uninspired. On my way home I saw this though and found it would make a nice picture due to the colors and contrast between the sand and sky. I added strong vignetting and used a very high contrast for this to give it an almost HDR look.


  1. Cristi,
    I like the handling of this one and have found that the Ricoh imaging sensor adds a characteristic layer of film-like grainy texture on such contrasty shots. Haven't you? Well done.

  2. Thanks Nevin! You are right, the Ricoh cameras do add a nice grainy texture if you have high contrast images or process them like this.

  3. I like this Cristian...the partly hidden machinery adds to this composition.

  4. Thanks for your comment! I was not sure how it would work with the machines partly hidden and thought to try and show more of them but looking at it, it does indeed work better like this.