Sunday, 9 May 2010

Lovers at Tower Bridge

GXR A12, f2.5, 1/36, ISO 1600, RAW, 50mm

The GXR is equally fun and frustrating to use. I love the handling and build as well as the fantastic lens but the slow and unreliable AF manage to frustrate me to no end every time. I almost missed this picture because the camera mis-focused twice (and took ages to actually get there) and made a lot of noise so I had to manually focus in the end. This works great thanks to the distance and DOF scale but due to the useless magnification it's impossible to see if I focused properly so it's always a guesswork.

Overall, I enjoyed having the GXR with me but wished I would have taken the GF1 instead because it is simply more reliable to get the shot and has a working AF even in low light.


  1. "manually focus .......... ......... distance and DOF scale". Yes, These are real savior for GXR A12. Anyhow this is an excellent low light shot as you have always taken.

  2. Thanks for your comment!
    The MF on the GXR is very good but I wish Ricoh would have used a proper MF ring and not the focus by wire system which I hate and find fiddly.

  3. A magical moment and superbly captured.

  4. Thank you for your comment Calvin!

    While walking past I knew I had to take a picture.