Saturday, 1 May 2010

Mayday Protesters

Yesterday, I got my new Olympus 14-42mm m4/3 lens. While it's pretty plasticky and a very slow kit lens with f3.5-f5.6 it is small enough when collapsed and good as an all-rounder lens for holidays, it was also cheap enough. Still, I hope either Olympus or Panasonic will release a decent zoom lens for m4/3 like the one on the LC1 and not more of these useless slow kit lenses.
Today, I got the chance to try out the lens and take some pictures of the May Day protests. It performed very well although the zoom was counter intuitive for me since it's the 'wrong way round' compared to the LC1. It would have also been nicer if it would ocus faster or at least not be so slow when zoomed in.
Still, I really like it and would recommend it over the Panasonic kit lens because of the size and cheaper price. Sure, the Panasonic is optically better and has IS but neither are good or fast enough so I rather take the smaller and lighter lens.

Don't ask me how but all pictures I selected for this series ended up being taken at 84mm, will post more at different focal lengths in the next days.


  1. Very good images and you made that lens work for you. I've recently acquired a Panasonic 14-50 mm f/2.8 Four Thirds lens with an adapter thinking it would cover wide angle and portraits but I dislike manual focusing on such a large lens. If they could make a low light 21 or 28 prime pancake for Micro 4/3s, they would shut me up! :)

  2. Thanks for your comment James!

    Like you I am waiting for the announced Panasonic 28mm pancake lens, it should be f2.5 so fast enough for me and could maybe (just maybe) finally replace my GRD I even if not for b&w work.