Sunday, 16 May 2010


What do you do if you are out with a non-macro lens but still want to take a closeup of a raindrop?
Well, you could use the compact camera you have along to get a macro shot or simply use the lens for what it's designed to and skip the macro shot. Since I like to improvise, I wondered how to make a macro lens out of a non-macro lens.
I figured if the lens in it's current state can't get closer than 30cm it might work better the other way around. I removed the lens and held it in front of the camera to get a much better macro range. This works very well but can be dangerous outside if you are not careful. The quality is also not as good as with a dedicated macro lens and slightly soft. Still, I like the result I got and you can see it below.


  1. Its a well known method to place a reversed prime lens in front of a zoom - but you have to fix the prime so the aperture remains wide open.

    You have to take sample shots to get the correct settings, as there will be no auto focus or exposure.

  2. You are right but with a live view camera like the Gf1 you can see the correct settings and also the metering works fine.