Saturday, 29 May 2010

Street Photography Workshop

Today, was the day for my street photography workshop at Foto Koch in Düsseldorf. It was a great opportunity and something I have been looking forward to.

It was a small group of 7 people so made the workshop pretty relaxed. We went over a short presentation I prepared, then had a chat about street photography before we looked over a few of my pictures.
Before breaking for lunch, I set an assignment to go out and take pictures. The day was perfect for street photography with not just the weather being great with lots of people out in the Altstadt but also with the Japanese Days festival taking place. The fastival was great and I was really surprised to see how many people dressed up and were having a great time.
After lunch everyone submitted two of their best pictures so we could discuss them in the group. This was very interesting to hear everybody's comments to the pictures.

The day was great fun but went over too fast so I hope to do this workshop again in the future.


  1. Well done, I am pleased it went well for you.

    Looking forward to seeing more..


  2. A very nice set of street shots, keep coming.

  3. Thanks for your comments!