Tuesday, 11 May 2010


GF1, f16, 1/1000, ISO 100, RAW, 56mm (Leica f2.8 28mm R)

Maybe not the best picture to introduce my new Leica lens for the GF1 but I liked how the clouds looked and thought it makes a nice picture regardless of the lens used.

One thing is certain though, only after you start using some good legacy lenses on the m4/3 cameras will you see their true potential. Even the highly praised 40mm Panasonic lens is very poor optically when compared to the Leica or the VoigtlÀnder lenses. The contrast, the sharpness, the colors are all different and even my cheap Canon FD lens is superior to the native m4/3 lenses.
The only downside is that the new Leica lens and adapter weight almost more than the GF1 and 40mm lens together. It is worth however for the optical quality and also for proper MF ring around the lens instead of the stupid focus by wire system.


  1. The Leica lens has done you proud with the rendition of the sky.

    I like the mood of this shot and look forward to seeing more with your new acquisition even if it does somewhat defeat the purpose of a m4/3 camera -- compactness and portability.

    But there is always a price to pay for quality.

  2. Thanks for your comment Calvin!

    I really love this lens and the quality is excellent but more than that is the feel and controls on the lens.

    Sure, using big and heavy legacy lenses defies the purpose of m4/3 but the fact that you can use almost every lens ever made makes m4/3 the best system currently. You also have the choice to go light and pocketable by using the 20mm pancake lens.