Saturday, 20 June 2009

Across the Field

GRD, f9, 1/1000, ISO 400, JPG b&w, 21mm

Went for a quick walk around Greenwich Park today. I took pictures with the 21mm lens and tried using the OVF but I still can't find the point if one has a big LCD available which is superior in every way.
I processed this picture to add more contrast and have the noise stand out more.


  1. I held the same views as you re OVF vs LCD. But having used the Nikon D40 for six months (which does not have live view) I now find myself using the OVF even on the Canon G9 (which has a virtually useless view finder).

    I think a good OVF gives you a far more intimate feel for the subject, and aids framing the shot. Also they are not affected by glare in strong sunlight.

  2. For some a OVF works fine but I hated using the D70 with the OVF and find it silly to press a camera against my face in order to take a picture, it kind of breaks the flow. Also the D70 OVF was much darker than the GRD xternal OVF.
    For me a LCD is more intimate because after establishing the composition I look over the camera at the actual scene.
    I do like EVFs though because they show the scene how the sensor sees it and allow you to compose a picture with the sun in it, in b&w and see other effects applied to it.