Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Crossing the Heath

GRD, f2.4, 1/540, ISO 400, JPG b&W

This was the first picture I took today and the one I liked most. Getting up early in the morning is great to get some very atmospheric shots, the light was again not very good today, the light rain in the morning just before the sun came out was really nice though and created a nice atmosphere. I enjoy walking to the office as it allows me to take pictures on the way and I find is very relaxing.
I see her every morning when I leave early, she is feeding the ducks by the pond and heading for Greenwich park after. A while ago I took a picture of her feeding the ducks with the CX1 but it did not end up as my picture for the day.


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  2. Thats a great capture Cristian...Must be very early in the morning!?..Its so vast, its so grey, its so empity and its so lonely. Saw this picture for a good couple of minuts and saw myself somewhere there...Well done !! Ely x x

  3. The words "I'm on the road to nowhere" came to mind.

  4. Thanks Ely! It was indeed very early morning and the light rain gave it a very nice mood that I hoped to capture.

    Thanks Yesbuts! The road across the heath does look like it's going on forever.