Wednesday, 3 June 2009

500th Post :-)

CX1, f3.3, 1/32, ISO 1600, JPG, 28mm

Today, I reached my 500th post on my blog. I would not have thought I will get to 500 posts and certainly not by posting every day.

It was great so far and since starting the blog a lot has happened. I met some great people and fellow bloggers (see blogroll), have met some great people from Ricoh at Photokina 2008 and other occasions, had a factory tour kindly arranged by Ricoh and organized not one but two unofficial and one official Ricoh meet-ups in London and another one is coming up in just two days, I even started to write my own reviews about Ricoh cameras and accessories.

I really enjoy posting here and the comments I have recieved from people, both on the blog and via email, are what keep me going so thanks to all of you.

Everything started with the Ricoh GRD, that I carried around every day and just needed a reason to make use of it every day. This blog provides me with a very good reason to keep taking pictures and post here every day.


  1. Congratulation to your 500th posts of your site. You not only do your best, but your movement inspire others too.

  2. Congratulation.

    I don't know if it took more or less than 500 days to dig the tunnel under the Thames, but the tunnel and your blog are both worth the effort.And long may they both last.

    No cycling :)

  3. Congrats Cristi with your 500th post. And I wish you guys all the best at the upcoming meet up with other Ricoh users. Say hi and make sure to express our wishes and concerns with the Ricoh people.


  4. Gosh, this photo is so cool. I love the Ricoh B&W look. Congratulations to your 500th post!!

  5. Congrats Cristi... appreciate your commitment to the cause, which I certainly find interesting and inspiring - Ricoh has a lot (of good stuff!) to answer for !

  6. Congrats! Pretty cool shot :)

  7. Bhuminan, thank you and I am glad my work inspires others.

    Thanks Yesbuts!
    I don't know how long it took to build the tunnel but I am sure glad they did it.

    Thanks Wouter, I will make sure Ricoh is aware about the wishes and concerns of users.

    Thanks Marcelo!

    Thank you Marco, I have processed this picture by adding noise and raising the contrast but the Ricoh b&w files are a good starting point.

    Thanks Nick, glad you find it inspiring and you are right about Ricoh.

    Thanks James!

  8. I have to confess that I haven't had much time to follow your recent posts, Cristi. Hope my comment isn't too late.

    Congratulations! Keep it up. Keep inspiring your blog readers!

    I like this 500th picture. Cool geometric composition and light and shadow. Stylish!

  9. Thanks Mike! Your comment is not too late and don't worry, I am sure you have other priorities at the moment with the little one :).