Monday, 1 June 2009

Walking by the Fire

CX1, f5.2, 1/620, ISO 80, JPG, 200mm

On my way home I walked past a group of kids who were very excited about what they have done. It became clear o me after walking a few meters what exactly it was. They set fire to dry gras next to a path through Mudchute Farm.
I took this picture with the CX1 and found it quite funny that there were three people standing around or walking past and the only thing one of them did was to call the police. None of them actually thought of just putting out the fire which could not have been very big at that time. I did step on it and put a part of it out while walking past, the rest became too big by the time I got there and I was not dressed for putting out fires.


  1. I wonder if someone thought, "look at him using his CX1 to photograph the fire, why doesn't he try to put the fire out" :)

    I see people in London(yes and I admit including myself) walk past an event without taking a second look, where if it would happen in a small town would soon be the centre of attention of a crowd. That's London and Londoners :)

  2. I think this is always the case in very big cities, too many things happen all the time and sometimes you don't really pay enough attention.