Sunday, 28 June 2009

Plain Lazy

LC1, f5.6, 1/320, ISO 100, JPG, 61mm

Took a short trip to the seaside and went to Whitstable today. It is a very strange place, a bit messy as if the people could not decide if they like or don't like the sea. Most houses look onto the main road instead of the sea. The harbour is also quite small and most of it is taken over by a big cement factory. It makes for a nice day out but I am not sure if I would really come back here.
This picture was not my favorite for the day but in the end I quite like the funny old chap with his hat in front of the boarded up beach hut.


  1. The "Old Man of the Sea".

    South coast towns are really interesting. Most started as small fishing villages who, to satisfy the Victorian fascination with the sea, became seaside resorts. Now most of their former clientèle sun themselves in Spain. With the loss of revenue they have started to decay. An interesting subject for a photographic study.

  2. It would make indeed an interesting subject for a series.