Monday, 14 September 2009

Before the Dawn

GRD III, f4, 3 sec, ISO 400, RAW

I had to catch an early fight so while walking to get the bus I came across this churchyard. The light was very strange, especially what the camera made out of it. At first I thought of using it in b&w but decided against it, instead I tweaked the white balance a bit more to get these quite surreal colors.


  1. The light is very interesting. It looks a bit like the effect you get from infra-red film, with the dark sky and the gravestone and trees lit up. The only thing different is the colours. Nice photo!

  2. I like it very much , very well exposed photo.

    ...3 sec ??? is a mistake , isn´t it ?

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    John, I did not think of infra red film but I think you are right and the original white balanc comes even closer.

    Alex, the exposure is correct at 3 seconds, it was very dark at 3am but I wanted to use ISO 400 to get some noise in the picture.

  4. Ok , the picture is excellent , anyway !

  5. Fab photo, Cristian. I have been a big fan of the way street lighting can add that something extra to a photo ever since my student days in Dublin (dark winters, late nights!) Enjoy your trip

  6. Thanks Hikari!

    Thanks for your comment John! Street lighting can indeed be used very effective in photos and I like utilizing it where possible.
    Thanks, the trip was very nice.