Tuesday, 8 September 2009


GRD III, f5.6, 1/760, ISO 64, RAW, 40mm

Today, I decided to try out the 40mm lens with my new step up ring, which I recieved yesterday. I can fully understand why Ricoh did not want this lens to be used with the GRD III, it has vignetting, is very soft on the edges and suffers a lot more of flare than usual. Overall it is just barely usable in 1:1 format but not in full format.
One thing I noticed is that the step-up ring seems to move the adapter lens too far away from the internal lens, it actually works better if you hold the 40mm adapter lens in front. I will need to experiment more with this.

While taking pictures in Canary Wharf, I also had a run in with the local security idiots who were not quite sure if I am or I am not allowed to take pictures there and needed 6 people to ask me if I took pictures of one of them.
I had a few small run-ins with them but today, I must have found the biggest idiot on duty to acuse me of lying and trying to bully me with 6 colleagues to show them the pictures I took. After telling them that there is no chance without a court order and they better not accuse me of anything or there will be repercusions they finally got back to do what they usualy do, which is stand around and look 'important' in their uniforms.
Overall, some security guys are funny as they really want to make themselves more important than they are and if you, like me, just laugh at that they can get a bit irritated. It is all nice and helps pass the time, I am sure I will get to know them a lot better soon. ;)


  1. Ah, the security guards... In La Plata Cemetery, a security guard, proud in his blue uniform, told me that "you cant take pictures here". When I asked him why, he used the vague argument that "you need a pass from the director, but he's only in the morning". I had been taking photos there two times before, for several hours each time! Conclussion: I left in very bad mood. Obviously, I came back, but hiding the camera. Not the best solution, but at least was one solution. Ah! And I wrote a letter to the local newspaper with my complains.
    Sorry for the long comment, but I'm tired of these situations, that, for what I read every day in blogs and forums, multiply all over the world.

  2. Haven't witnessed anything like that here in the Netherlands, but you have hilarious things going on there in the UK.

    Welcome in the world of xenophobia and paranoia :D Keep posting these stories Cristian.

  3. Hi Cristian ! , I heard of many stories about the same issue there in London , it´s a shame that some people just for the fact of wearing a uniform think they are more than the rest of us.

    We could talk long about the education of security guards and their intellectual disability ...
    In Spain was the same.

    While living in London I didn´t have trouble but that was like 7 years ago ... things may have changed ...since the war on terror started.

    I like today´s photo , specially the reflection of the other building.

  4. As you will be spending quit a bit of time photographing around Canary Wharf you might consider:

    1) writing to the estate manager asking for permission to photograph.

    2) produce your own official looking permit that you can flash in the faces of the security guard.

    The next time they stop you, ask them to show their written authority to do so - if they do snigger and say "obvious forgery"

  5. Vignetting and flare are not necessarily bad things - although not in every picture, I guess.

  6. Marcelo, I can understand your frustration with the security guys and it shows the problem if some people want to make themselves more important than they are. Unfortunately these problems are only getting worse recently with the whole paraonia.

    Wouter, the UK is getting pretty paranoid but the problem is more some overeager aecurity guards and PCSOs who are responsible for most of these issues. This could easily be resolved by providing some better training or as simple as people having common sense.

    Alex, I am glad that you did not have to put up with this while you were in London and you certainly don't have to put up with this in Japan.
    Unfortunately these things happen more and more because people are not educated enough or just want to show off how important they think they are.

    Thanks, I tried to get the reflection to be connected by the cloud rto the other building, a bit like a bolt of light which causes the reflection to appear in the otherwise dark building

    Yesbuts, I could go and get a permit but I do enjoy these arguments from time to time and it helps pass the time I guess. What I will consider however is raise a complaint with the CW management and hope the security guards will be educated better on how to deal with people.

    Robert, you are right, sometimes having flare and vignetting can really add to a picture and this is certainly not a bad thing. It always depends of the intention and the picture if this is a good or bad thing though.

  7. Cristi, I've been photographing on your patch this week (illness has kept me home at Canary Wharf). Fortunately the security guards have not been paying much attention to me. I think sometimes they're just bored and want to try to flex their bureaucratic 'muscles'...definitely think it's worth preserving our rights!

  8. John, I hope you feel better soon. Glad to hear you had no run-ins with them.
    You are right that they were probably bored and just wanted to show off how 'important' they think they are.

  9. Discussion about Canary Wharf and a letter from the Security Manager here

  10. Thanks for the link to the discussion, very interesting read.