Tuesday, 22 September 2009


GRD, f7.1, 1/800, ISO 400, JPG b&w

After having used the GRD III almost exclusively over the last weeks it was time to take the GRD I out again. I really like the b&w JPGs from this camera and although the GRD III is an excellent camera and a huge improvement in so many areas, it simply can't come close to the GRD I when it comes to b&w JPGs.


  1. My sort of shot well caught.
    I shot with the GRD 1 and the 2 and I agree that overall the 1 produces better images, The 2 has much better controls, info and options but just isn’t so good. I also had the GX100 but didn't like it so much.
    My GRD 2 now has a nasty mark on the sensor so I’m sending it to Ricoh, maybe they will improve it!
    I love your shots and BW style and have added you to my Blog list.

  2. I like the composition and the moment you captured. But (and this is just me as an observer who never had the GRD1) I don't see that magic of the B&W jpegs from the GRD1.

  3. Thanks for your comment Rob!
    I agree with your view regarding the GRDs but do quite like the GX100 and actually prefer it over the GRD II.
    Ricoh should be able to clean the sensor for you. I had a mark on the sensor once but some light bashing against my hand got rid of it.
    I have also added your blog to my blog list to follow it.

    Thanks for your comment Wouter!
    It is sometimes difficult to show the quality of the GRD I JPGs online due to the compression and resizing done when uploading. I will have a section on this in my GRD III review and provide samples so it might show the quality people talk about better.

  4. I am very interested Cristian. Look forward.

  5. Great capture with the GRD!

  6. Wouter, if everything goes well, I should have this done by next week.

    Thanks for your comment James!

  7. I hope to have published my impressions too by the end of next week.