Friday, 25 September 2009

The End of an Evening?

GRD III, f1.9, 1/60, ISO 800, RAW

Took this picture on my way home after work. I was happy to see that the GRD III focused perfectly fine on the glasses without me needing to fiddle with the focus. One thing I am not so happy to see is banding in underexposed areas even at ISO 800.


  1. I think it did well, for a low light level colour shot I would be happy with the result. This is an area when a larger sensor would do a bit better. Tonight I did some fairground shots with the GRD2. The camera handled the mix of light and contrast well and I had far more good shots from it than I did from my DSLR with its limited DOF.

  2. Thanks for your comment Rob!
    The camera did a very good job and I am quite pleased with the colors, the only thing distracting is the banding issue on the GRD III.