Sunday, 6 September 2009

Counting the Change

GRD III, f3.2, 1/100, ISO 64, RAW

I did not take many pictures today. Actually I only took two pictures so the choice was not great and neither was the quality.
While on some days I have quite a fee pictures which I really like and I have a hard time deciding which ones to post. On other days I just don't have the time to go out taking a lot of pictures or am not very inspired. On these days I ask myself if it would not be better to just use an older picture I really liked but did not post yet or if I should still use the picture from the day. What do you think?


  1. Inspired by your blog, I decided to try taking at least one picture every day. I started 1st January and, so far, have at least one every day. Some days it is really difficult to get time to take any picture and the result is a poor selection, so I understand your problem well. I think however that this is a vital part of the "picture a day" idea. It would become meaningless if you could just pick out an old one. So, please stick with the discipline!

    BTW I think your "Counting the change" is rather good....


  2. I have avoided the "picture a day" concept as it applies an artificial pressure to take a photo.

    Last week I took the 20,000 shot with the G9 - which I bought the last week of 2007. I don't know how I have taken so many with the G9,because since February I have been using the D40 which has taken 6800 shots.

  3. The "One Day, One Picture" concept keeps you shooting every day, and I admire that. Changing the concept could mean that you're not "triggered" to take as many pictures as you do now.

    Maybe you can do a weekly "best-of-the-rest" post, with a few pictures that didn't make it on the day they were taken?

  4. I really like the moment you captured here , specially lately , with the so called global crisis , we need to count every single pound !!

    Very up to date shoot.

  5. I like it...and agree with your view on 'picture a day'. I actually think the fact that quality might vary from day to day is an important part of 'picture a day'- it would be easy to have a fruitful Sunday afternoon each week, but not as interesting.

  6. I have a lot of respect for your "picture a day" attitude and posting. I think what Peter says is quite true. The discipline is I think more important than quality. But I can understand your dilemma.

  7. Excellent image for the times as ricohgrd3 said. Sometimes you have to go with what you have and you, more than many, deserve a break and/or change.

  8. Thanks for your comment Peter!
    I am very glad my blog has inspired you and you have kept up with yours since January.
    You are right with saying taht I should stick with the discipline.

    Yesbuts, sometimes it does put some pressure to take a picture but the process of taking a picture is satisfying so all the pressure does not matter anymore.

    Thanks for your Comment Robert!
    I think you are right that changing the concept might make me a bit lazy.

    Thanks Alex, glad you like the picture and see the message in it.

    Thanks John, you are right and the different quality and content of the pictures does kind of provide a better feel of a diary so sticking to it makes sense.

    Thanks for your comment Wouter!
    Seems like you feel the same as most and this means the current concept will remain as is.

    Thanks James, glad you like the picture and I think going with what I have will be the best instead of changing the format.

    Thanks again for all your comments!

  9. Nice sharpness and nice unsharpness together....

    I will get my GRD III tomorrow!!!


  10. Thanks for your comment Nicolai! Enjoy the GRD III and looking forward to see your pictures with it.

  11. Expression captured. Nice one Cristi.

  12. I can't shoot everyday as my schedule does not allow for it. You can't imagine how I would love to be out there everyday, but I'm in Mexico City and safety comes first, especially in these dire times. There are groups, but I tend to stay away from these because they end up intimidating people with all those cameras making street photography nearly impossible. I opted for the image "I can" verses the "image a day" approach. I end up posting a mix of old and new photos. I digress.

    Your image is great. The point was the timing and the message comes across. I say you did a really fine job. Keep up the good work.

  13. Thanks Richard!

    Thanks for your comment Luis! I am glad to see the message does get across and this picture although not perfect works well.
    I can understand your situation, sometimes it's not easy to always go out and take pictures and going with groups has an impact of the kind of pictures you can take. As long as you keep shooting and doing what you like it does not matter if it's every day.