Tuesday, 15 September 2009

"Want Some Apples?"

GRD III, f4.5, 1/500, ISO 64, RAW 2:3

After arriving in Romania yesterday, I had more time for photography today.
Although this is not so much a photography holiday, I will try to post some impressions from here and have created a gallery.
I will try to keep the blog and gallery updated but depending on time I might be lagging a bit behind so check back.


  1. A very interesting series Cristian. But Romania? It is not the most obvious location to travel. Likely not as a tourist, don't you?

  2. Great ! , love this kind of photo , the woman in the background makes it all .

  3. Hehe...this looks to me like Resita.

  4. I think this photo would benefit from a close crop on the two women - but I guess while on holiday you haven't much time to do PP

  5. You always do great work when you travel. :) love the portraits!

  6. Thanks for your comment Wouter!
    Romania is not the most obvious location to travel, although it could be if people there would put more effort in some things. I have been born and grew up in Romania so this was more a family visit which also limited my photography time somewhat.

    Thanks for your comment Alex!
    The woman in the background is what made me go for this picture.

    Neos66, this is indeed Resita. How did you know that?!?
    I would not have guessed it from the first pictures I uploaded.

    Yesbuts, I already cropped the photo to 2:3 format and wanted to give a bigger view of the market. But you are right that a closer crop could work quite well.

    Thanks for your comment James!
    This time I did not have too much time to take pictures but tried to still give an impression of the place and people.