Sunday, 1 September 2013

Day 26 - The Wall of Xi'an

Today, I set myself a challenge, or task to be more accurate, to walk all around on the city wall of Xi'an. This being around 13km in length and a walk on even surface it was not really very difficult considering I hiked that in Mongolia in less forgiving terrain.

I figured this could be fun, provide me with some rest and time to think about my journey so far and ahead. The heat and having no shade made this a bit more challenging but it was mostly a nice walk.

Now, if you contemplate of doing this, I don't think it's worth it. After the first few meters or km you have seen everything there is to see. The city also does not look very nice from up there and the North and East parts are particularly boring and uninviting.

Going up there is also quite expensive and once up you can only spend more money for bike rentals or buying drinks at twice the price than outside. I think it could be fun maybe in the morning or if you plan of running the distance but otherwise just do a part or maybe do the round but go through the park at the bottom of the wall.

After my walk (it took me 4h, 3.5h walking time for 15km in total), I had a quick rest in the hotel and then went to the Muslim quarter to take some pictures and get dinner.

The Muslim quarter really gets alive in the evening and is a great place to stroll and take pictures, it kind of it the most interesting part of Xi'an I have seen so far.