Saturday, 7 March 2009

Black Dog

GRD, TIFF text

After my film week, I decided to take my GRD I out again and take some pictures. I did not want to take any color pictures though and decided that b&w would be best for today, even better was the text mode however. I really like what you can get out of it and together with the audio recording mode it is the best scene mode you can find in any camera. I hope the new Ricoh cameras will all keep the text mode and bring back the audio recording mode.
I am actually thining of having a whole week dedicated to the text mode.


  1. What does the meanings of the text mode and audio recording mode you said?

  2. Was this taken along the Thames foreshore?

  3. Jason, if you set the GRD to 'Scene' on the mode dial you can select either text or audio. The text mode is meant for taking pictures of documents but can be used to take interesting pictures with it. The audio mode allows you to use the GRD like a voice recorder, it records an audio file till the card is full.

    Yesbuts, this was taken in Greenwich Park. The dog in on the pavement and behind him it's the grass area.

  4. This is the most successful text mode picture I have seen.

  5. Thanks Richard!
    The text mode is great fun.

  6. This is a great use of text mode.