Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Lunching in the Rain

GRD, f4, 1/200, ISO 400, JPG, 40mm

Took this picture, like so many others, after my lunchbreak. Taking pictures during lunch is sometimes the only way to keep my blog updated. This is where a compact camera comes in handy. This is why for me a compact camera will always have a big advantage.
I took a few pictures but found this to be best although it is slightly out of focus. It works very well in sepia and since I haven't used sepia in a while it was good to have a picture that works beter with it.


  1. I like it. Sepia works very well. The slightly out-of-focus gives the picture a nice softness.

  2. Wonderful expression on their faces. Shame there is so much noise.

  3. Thanks Mike!
    I think sepia works very well for some slight out of focus and high contrast pictures.

    Thanks Yesbuts!
    I have accentuated the noise more by using Noise Ninja first to reduce the color but leave the luminance noise in there and then sharpened the noise. I think it works well for this but the noise in mainly due to the post processing.

  4. This is a lunchtime classic. :)

  5. Thanks James!
    Lunchtime is usually a good time for photography :) .