Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Staring At Me

GRD II, f2.8, 1/160, ISO 80, RAW, 40mm

After work I decided to take a walk and take some pictures on my way. I saw this cat and decied to take a few pictures of it. Turned out I took some of my most successfull pet pictures in the process. I am usually not very good at taking pictures, mostly due to me using wideangle lenses and having to get very close but also due to lack of interest on my part.
I used the GRD II with the 40mm lens since it is better at low ISO and color pictures than the GRD I.


  1. You can be rightly proud of this shot.

    You captured the cats interest and expression.

  2. Amazing Cristi. What a fantastic photograph and the 40mm proved right here. Great shot.

  3. Cristi , this is an amazing cat shot. Cat's do not pose so this isn't easy.

  4. I like cats. This cat picture looks fantastic. So lovely. Thank you, Cristi!

  5. Thanks for all your comments!
    The picture came out better than I expected.

  6. you were close enough to the cat!wonderful!Managing to close the animal is very important! how did you do this?
    did you buy a 40mm converter for GRD II?

  7. I'm certainly not a cat lover but this is impressive.

  8. I'm certainly not a cat lover but this is impressive.

  9. Thanks Jason!
    I got pretty close to the cat but only because it was too lazy to run away. The 40mm adapter lens for the GRDs is very good and allows to get some nice close-up shots without the perspective distortion you get with wideangle lenses.

    Thanks James!
    Think this is in the running for one of my best blog pictures.