Friday, 6 March 2009

GR1 Week 2 - Day 7

"NYC Library" - GR1, ISO 200

The GR1 week is over and I finished one color film and am halfway through a b&w film. This time I enjoyed the experience a lot more although I still can't be really happy with film since it's such a limited medium. I missed some shots in the last days because I had only b&w film in the camera and the pictures would have only worked in color. Or the ability to change the ISO and be flexible is also something I miss with film. On the other hand I can't wait to see my pictures once they are developed so this is quite a nice experience.
I posted mostly pictures from two films this week because I don't have all films scanned yet so could not post some of my b&w pictures I took with the GR1.


  1. But doesn't film, make you think more before taking a shot?

    There is a photographic exhibition at gallery@OXO (OXO Tower Wharf), worth a visit - though I was a bit disappointed, I have seen better work by Charlie Waite.

  2. Glad you feel better with film, Cristian. At least it's fun to have some different experiences.

    Yes. Film camera is very limited expecially when being compared with digital camera. We just can't change the colours (e.g. b/w and colours) as easy. So some people have to bring more than one camera each with different films (b/w, colour, slide and negative...). I don't bother much on the issue as my pictures are mostly for sharing online. I just shoot with colour film and turn the pictures into whatever result I want by post-processing. But if I can do the darkroom (analogue, NOT digital) things, I'll use specific films for sure. :P

  3. Yebuts, film makes me think too much before taking a shot so I experiment less and miss some shots because I am not sure if I should take them. This for me is the single biggest problem with film and why digital is superior. With digital you experiment more and take pictures even if you are not sure so you are bound to have better pictures overall.

    Mike, this week was a lot more fun but I would never trade digital in for film, there are still too many limitations and I feel more restricted.
    Having different film cameras could be fun but for me it's out of the question if digital can give me the same but in only one camera.

  4. I like film more, but dislike the additional costs. With digital I still try to commit myself to shoot a limited amount of photographs.

    I prefer handling the GR1 over the GX200. For me it is just so much more fun.

  5. Wouter, you are definitely right about the costs. For me the costs and restrictions that come with film make it not very attractive to use.
    The GR1 handles great but the GRD I is very close to it and actually better in some respects. This together with prints taht looks very close to film and there is not much to make me want to go back to film.
    You should try a GRD I and looks if you can find one in a clearance sale somewhere.