Saturday, 28 March 2009

Castle Visit

The initial plan for was to go to Bath for a daytrip but the weather was mixed so instead we decided to go to Bodiam Castle. It was a very nice trip and the castle offers some great photo opportunities even in mixed weather and with some light rain.

At first I thought of taking the GRD I and GX100 along but the dynamic range of them was a concern so I decided to take the GRD and Panasonic LC1 instead. The LC1 has a higher dynamic range and the slightly longer zoom is certainly very usefull. It is truly a unique camera with fantastic controls, aside from the GRD this is my favorite camera. Panasonic really needs to release a updated version of it with only a different sensor and leave the rest alone.


  1. Very nice Castle!
    Wow, I would like to visit England, and have a trip to take photos of any interesting Castle.

    PS. I just saw a new Ricoh CAMERA, CX1, lunched in Thailand last week. Its design and feature is fantastic. I love its CMOS sensor, and I hope Ricoh will launch new GRDIII this year.

  2. That second photo is just amazing Cristi. The light, the framing and out-of-focus background.

  3. Great series of photographs. I agree fully with Wouter about the second shot, but the same could be said about the framing of all the shots.Well done.

  4. Bhuminan, I have to visit more castles and other interesting places outside of London.

    The CX1 seems to be a very interesting camera, can't wait to get the review sample so I can try it out and see how it performs.

    Thenky Wouter and Yesbuts! The 2nd picture is also my favorite.

  5. Well done series classic castles..we have so few in America.

  6. Thanks James, glad you like the series. It is a shame indeed you don't have many castles over there.