Wednesday, 4 March 2009

GR1 Week 2 - Day 5

"Pedestrians" - GR1, ISO 200

Took this picture on a rainy day in London when I decided to shoot full roll of film. The weather was not great but the GR1 performed nicely.


  1. The left down corner is amazing with the wet pavement!

  2. Is GR1 week2 a type of GR1?Ii's may be the different edition that not sale in aisa.

  3. Thanks for your comment Ronald.

    Jason, the 'GR1 Week 2' refers just to me using the GR1 camera for a full week and this is the 2nd time I do this. The first time it was in November. I use the normal GR1 camera, so nothing special there.

  4. I'm back!
    Long time no seeing your pictures.
    Still Cool never changing!!

    Recently, I carried only film and canon DSLR. So sad to my GRD2 ^ ^'

  5. Thanks Bhuminan, good to see you are back!
    Looks like it's back to film for a few of us at the moment.