Sunday, 8 March 2009


LC1, f5,6, 1/320, ISO 100, RAW, 90mm

Took this picture while waiting for the bus today, liked the grey sky. I wanted to give it the look of an old TV with heavy vignetting and strong contrast but, although it looks like it, the picture is full 'color' and not converted to b&w. I quite like the result after adding some noise it looks very crisp and I like the contrast.


  1. Looks fabulous,How to make it?

  2. Thanks Jason. I took the picture in color but underexposed it slightly. Then I opened it up in photoshop, boosted the contrast, added 100 vignetting. I sharpened the picture, added yet more strong contrast and saved the JPG. I was not quite happy so I opened it again and added yet another 100 vignetting, some more contrast and noise at 1,5%. This is how I got the look of this picture. Basically using the vignetting tool and the curves tool, the noise and sharpening are more to make the image appear crisp.