Thursday, 5 March 2009

GR1 Week 2 - Day 6

"Hare Krishna" - GR1, ISO 200

Took this picture on the same day as my last entry. This was a situation where a 40mm lens would have been better. Most of the time having a fixed wideangle lens is great and it gives you the flexibility you need but sometimes a 40mm or 85mm lens are nice to get a bit closer to things.


  1. Maybe you could have framed a little bit different, avoiding to cut the traffic lights and the bollard (is this word correct?) on the left. Anyway, I agree that a 40mm lens probably would have been helpful. But the image shows a lot of great detail, so even a crop should be possible. How do you scan your photos? I suppose this isn´t a normal lab scan?

  2. You are right, the framing is not perfect. Was a quick shot to capture him waving and did not pay attention to the framelines.
    I guess cropping would be possible here but I would need a better scan for this. This is a normal lab scan and not very high resolution.
    I have no other means of scanning my negatives but have found a company where I can get high resolution scans so will try them out.

  3. hi,guy,I met a painful problem,I found i can not publish a comment on my blog,only available on other person's blog.can you help me to resolve it?thanks!

  4. Jason, to publish a comment on your blog try to login to the dashboard first and then select 'View Blog'. You should be able to leave comments after you are logged in.
    The comment format you use underneath the post seems a bit buggy, I tried to use it but unless you are logged in first you can't post a comment since it won't allow you to enter your login details. This is why I switched back to this format after one day.

  5. Hare Krishna. Have you tried the vegetarian food at their Govinda's Restaurant?

  6. Cristi, I actually think the scan quality is not bad for being a lab scan! Apparently your lab is better than mine (I admit, mine was always the cheapest available) or there have been some serious advances in the years since I gave it a try. Probably both things...

    But you are right, for a crop the quality would have to be better. So good luck with the other company! Nice to read you enjoyed this film week more than the first!

  7. Jason, if you are reding this, you changed the comment privileges so only team members can comment on your blog.

    Yesbuts, I have not tried the restaurant yet. Will have to do at some point, sounds interesting.

    DLC, I am actually quite happy with this scan but was very disapointed last time by my scans. I also went for the cheapest one but this time it was not too bad.
    This film week was a lot more fun, think it was the weather and also my expectations were different this time.