Sunday, 29 March 2009

Urban Decay - Part 1

Another series and the first in a multipart series depicting urban decay in London. I will try to upload the next parts over the next weeks and months.
London is on the one side a very old city with great Victorian buildings, new modern developments, skyscrapers and old landmarks. The other side of London are derelict and abandoned buildings, factories and churches. I find it fascinating how both of these are sometimes right next to each other. It is hard to believe if you look at the ridiculous property prices that there are so many empty buildings (new and old).

Some of these buildings however deserve to be demolished, like these ex-council flats in Kidbrooke or the worst part of London in Elephant & Castle. At least the former will soon be demolished to make room for a new development.
When looking at some of the old council flats one has to wonder if these buildings were ever considered nice or what went on when people decided to build ugly grey concrete blocks of flats. Almost like piling up containers next and on top of each other. I for one hope these buildings will be demolished very soon to make room for new developments or better parks.

I took all pictures with the GX100, at first I thought of using the GRD I to get the grainy b&w look at ISO 400 but decided that some color will be better and the GX100 gave me the look I wanted and the versatility due to the zoom.


  1. When I visit the Elephant & Castle, I wonder did the designers ever think they were doing a good job, or did they hate the human race so much that they wanted to inflict ugliness and confusion?

  2. I think it's the later, they just hated people and wanted to inflict as much ugliness as possible.