Sunday, 31 May 2009

Helicopter Flying

CX1, f9.4, 1/1600, ISO 400, JPG, 200mm

The weather was great today, one of the best days this year. I spent is mostly in the sun relaxing and taking some pictures in between. This is the one I like most, it was taken using the continuous mode of the CX1.

As a reminder the 2nd Ricohforum meetup will be on next Saturday the 6th at 10pm. We will have two Ricoh representatives joining us this time and have prepared a walk to take pictures and more.


  1. Always wanted one of those radio controlled helicopters. Great photo, you captured the young boys joy.

  2. I always wanted one too... but when i finally bought one I managed to break all my blades in less than 10 minutes :((. Just make sure you don't take it out when there is the slighest wind.

  3. Ideal sepia treatment on this, looks like the in-cam version, which I really like.

  4. Thanks for your comments!

    Yesbuts, I have seen Tom struggling with his helicopter. It is nice but you need a lot of practice.
    Having said that, I always wanted to have remote controlled cars, boats and other things but never made it over a simple electric car.

    Nick, the sepia treatment is done in Photoshop. The picture was taken in color but although I found the yellow helicopter nice the colors were a bit too distracting overall.