Sunday, 1 December 2013

Day 117 - At the Night Market

Today, I finally got the main thing for my journey around Vietnam and Laos sorted and bought myself the most unspectacular and common motorbike (or scooter) you can find in Vietnam. It's a Honda Wave and if you've been to Vietnam you know these are 7 out pf every 10 bikes you can see at any time driving around.

Still, it drives nicely and is in pretty decent condition so should hopefully be able to get me all around the country.

Most tourists seem to go for the Honda Win and Minsk motorbikes but these are not really my type and I think having one of the most common bikes on the road will make it very easy to get anything fixed should something go wrong. I also trust that the millions of Vietnamese driving one in a country full of motorbikes will know what they are buying.

After taking the bike out for a spin around town, I just headed to the night market to do some photography.
The night market is fun to walk through and nice for photography but I have strangely only done it once 2 years ago on my first trip here. I tend to forget when the market is on and usually have other plans for the evening.

Below you can see my new trusty (hopefully!) steed for the next part of my journey around Vietnam and Laos. This was also my birthday present so I went for a slightly more expensive model that I preferred the handling more of.

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  1. Haha - I'm envious! Next time I'm over here, I may even forsake my touring bike and buy myself a motorbike too...

    Have a great trip round Vietnam and Laos. I'm sure you'll get to some really interesting places off the beaten track. I look forward to seeing your photos from them!