Sunday, 22 December 2013

Day 138 - A few from the Road

Sunday seems to be the day that police in Vietnam is out and doing their checks. While they don't usually stop foreigners because of communication problems, some officers do this anyway.

So on my way through Lao Cai I got stopped twice and fined once for not having the correct paper work. There is no chance to have the correct paperwork btw. as foreigners are technically not allowed to own bikes here. This means it's just paying up and continuing on with the journey when a check happens.

I had hoped to make it to Ba Be Lake but due to the police checks and taking longer than expected on some roads due to traffic, it meant I did not quite make the 300km and ended up over 100km short.

Since the north is quite cold, and I am at a crossroad where I ca head to Ba Be Lake or south to Hanoi, I will consider my options and destination tomorrow morning.

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