Thursday, 12 December 2013

Day 128 - People from the Villages

After breakfast I headed out of Hanoi with a friend to visit some of the many craft villages around Hanoi.
Each of these villages specialises in one trade like embroidery, shoe making, metal works and so on.

It is quite interesting to see all these village and the people living and working there, you could spend a day in each.

The nice thing about driving around on a motorbike is that you can stop at anytime and also come across an unexpected village celebration while merely passing through.

As the only tourist you are quickly the center of attention but people are always nice and friendly and very curious as everywhere in Vietnam.

The day was grey and quite dark and it was quite cold but the trip was great fun although almost a bit too short to fit everything in before it got dark. Next time I need to get up earlier to have more time in the day.


  1. I hope the "comment" from prakash sharma is removed by the time I next visit your blog in 24 hours.

    Some people!!!!

  2. Thanks Calvin, have deleted it as I don't think advertising (or spam) is a valuable contribution.