Friday, 27 December 2013

Day 143 - A Relaxed Day of Travelling Far

After enjoying a bit the view of the sea from the balcony of my hotel room and having a relaxed coffee, I set out with a modest goal of covering just over 60km from Sam Son via Ben En National Park to Thai Hoa.

It was a very nice and sunny day so I took my time on the roads and enjoyed the views.

The roads were decent enough, just some portions were pretty bad or more dirt tracks than roads.
Ben En National Park was just a quick stop to enjoy the view of the lake before continuing on.

Once I got back on to the Ho Chi Minh Road, I still had plenty of time so stopped off for coffee and relaxed a bit.

Even after taking m time and taking it easy, I still had plenty of daylight left so decided to head back to the coast to Cua Lo near Vinh since it seemed close enough.

Unfortunately the way there lead me back on the hated AH1 road, although for a quick an short porting only. After turning off the AH1 road towards the coast road at Dien Thanh, it was a great drive on a very cool and empty road along the coast and through some cool little villages. I enjoyed the way so much and kept taking it easy that it soon got dark so the view was a bit restricted but it was still fun.

I kind of only wished I could have driven along this road by daylight to enjoy more of the views and see more of the villages but maybe I can double back on this.

Still, it was a good day for my road trip as I made it twice as far as planned despite taking it easy most of the day.

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