Thursday, 26 December 2013

Day 142 - Hoa Lu, Tam Coc and Sam Son

The morning and early afternoon were spent on sightseeing around Ninh Binh. First on the list was the Hoa Lu area with the many temples around there.

The first and biggest temple was the Chua Bai Dinh temple. It was also the furthest away so it seemed best to cover it early before the tourists get here and leave the other places for the way back.

It is a very new but quite nice temple built on a hill so you have to climb up quite a few steps. The downside to it is that they built the parking area miles away so you have to pay for the electric shuttle to take you there on a very roundabout way.Quite a lot is till under construction so the facilities there could change by the time they finish.

On the way back I covered some other temples briefly and some places only from the road due to the time.
The next stop after having some brunch was Tam Coc for another quick look around there but again not spending too long in the different places.

After Tam Coc, I decided to head to Sam Son and spend the night in a hotel by the beach for a change. The place was deserted as expected in the winter months and most places were shut but I did like it better this way.

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