Friday, 20 December 2013

Day 136 - Mountain Pass to Sapa

After yesterday's detour I ended up a bit further away from Sapa than expected but the roads were pretty good so I made quick progress and before I knew it, I was already 40km from Sapa.

The views were as in the last days great and I can only imagine how much nicer they would be in the summer with the rice terraces being green rather than brown.

It is certainly worth driving around the north and taking your time to enjoy the views, this is the good thing about having your own transport.

Once I got to the Heaven's Gate pass I saw the remaining snow from the past days and people were quite excited to take pictures there and play in the snow.

I stopped off quite a lot to take pictures so by the time I was heading down the mountain for the remaining 15km to Sapa it was foggy and dark.
The evening was spent just walking around Sapa and taking it easy after the drive. Tomorrow, will be a quiet day in Sapa to get a break before heading on.

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