Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Day 147 - Happy New Year from Hue!

The year started with me having my idea for my trip and starting to put everything in place to make it happen. This was an idea i had for a while but I kept pushing it back for the time to be 'right' but realized the time is right when you make it right.
I needed the time off from work and the daily grind in the office, that much I knew but it took me a while to get everything else put in place to make it happen.
Looking back, I am very glad I did as I have learned and experienced a lot during this trip. It has been great to share everything with people through my blog but also with the people I met along the way.

Because of my trip, I feel like 2013 has been a very long year. Time passes different, slower when you travel and things that happened only a short while ago seem far away and almost in a different lifetime, my old job certainly fits in that category.
Things have changed and I have changed quite a lot in a relatively short time for some but for me it felt very long. There are things I would have done different, both before and during the trip but in life this will always be the case if you look back.

What I want to say with my ramblings above is that it's good to follow your ideas and make things happen rather than wait for a better time.
Happy New Year to everyone and make the most out of 2014!!!
Follow your plans and ideas and don't wait for the time to be 'right'.

Maybe as a fitting theme for the end of the year I went to visit the Khai Dinh Tomb. Next to the old tomb there were some new blossoms. In a way for people more poetic than me it might suggest the end or death or the old year and the beginning of the new year.

After visiting the tomb, I went to a nearby pagoda where quite a few people were praying, presumably for changes in the new year.

With this, I will finish my post and say that I hope everyone will get the changes they want and hope for in 2014 but you might have to go out there and make it happen no matter the price.
Have a great year and most important a lot of fun wherever you are and whatever you do.


  1. Hi Cristian,

    Happy new year!
    I really like that second shot...her grey shawl is a bonus...it looks like she's one of the statues coming to life :-)
    I also agree with your musings and probably fit into the category of people that need to make changes in order to end up doing the things they enjoy.

    Good health and photography for 2014!

  2. You are certainly making it happen my friend. I love this set of photos, especially the ones with the isolated individuals populating these ancient sites. I think the image with the delicate figure of the girl among the massive stone pillars is my favourite. Happy New Year to you and safe travels.

  3. Thanks for your comments and Happy New Year to both of you!

    Glad you like the photos and I was quite lucky to capture the two photos of the girls in between the stone pillars and statues.

    Hope you both had a great start to the new year and it will be a great one for you.

  4. Happy new year Cristian. Keep up the good work bro! What's your plans fir now?

  5. Happy New Year Rossa!

    Thanks, glad you like the posts.

    My plans currently are a bit in the air as I am trying to decide between staying in Vietnam for Chinese New Year and extending my visa for that or leaving for Laos in two weeks.