Sunday, 4 May 2014

Day 271 - A Day in Kamakura

A visit to Kamakura is a must if you're in Tokyo, it's not far and you can visit a lot of temples and enjoy the hills and seaside so get a break from busy Tokyo.

Well, you only get a break if you don't go one a great sunny weekend day, while everyone in Japan is on holiday. Needless to say, Kamakura was packed and full of people today.

Still, there are a lot of temples and some of them are quite big so it's easy enough to escape the crowds.

I am still not sure if in terms of the temples I prefer Kamakura or Kyoto but needless to say both places are a must visit.

I always get off at Kita-Kamakura station and walk from there to vista the temples so never really get enough time to see much of the city itself although it does look nice.

I had a bit more time so could wander a bit around he city and also spend some time at the beach just before sunset.

It was a great day out in Kamakura despite the crowds.

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