Monday, 5 May 2014

Day 272 - Evening in Shibuya

After spending quite a few evenings roaming around Shinjuku, I figured it was time to go and explore Shibuya this evening.

One thing you notice is that Shibuya has a different feel from Shinjuku, it's more about fashion and shopping.

The main sight is of course the famous crossing but also the shopping streets or the small alleys with bars and restaurants are worth exploring.

There are a lot of young people out and about there, most with shopping bags and talking on the phone.

I enjoyed walking around here and it was a good change from Shinjuku, it just shows that each area in Tokyo is worth taking photos in.

In case you wonder, I did get my free hugs from the nice girls above and wished her 'Happy Birthday'. ;)


  1. Hey Cristian,

    I like all of them...
    In the first photo she's looking a bit compromised/embarrassed. Did she notice you taking her photo?
    I also like he photo of the man in the grey suit leaning against the vending machine while smoking.

    Did you get a free hug?

  2. Thanks for your comment Kesh!

    She did not see me as she was too busy with the guy, they were occupied with themselves.

    I did get my free hug, would have been a shame to pass it up. :)

  3. A marvellous photo essay, Cristi. You really have captured the vibrance and vitality of Shibuya. Bravo!

  4. Thanks for your comment Calvin!

    Glad you like the series.