Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Day 281 - Hiking Geumjeong Mountain

After the sunshine of the last days, it was a bit grey and rainy today. Despite this, I decided to stick with the plan and go hiking on Geumjeong mountain to the Beomeosa temple.

I got a good route recommended for the hike so I started off at Dongmun Gate before heading to the peak and then back down towards Beomeosa temple.

At first it was just grey and a light drizzle but the higher I got the more it was raining and while it was not ideal, It at least made for some very cool views with the clouds moving over the mountains around.

Right on cue for when I reached the peak, it stopped raining and even the sun came out for a bit. The views from here were fantastic and made the hike well worth it.

The next stop was Beomeosa temple, it's the most famous temple to visit and while quite nice, I preferred some of the other temples I have seen in Busan.

It was a very nice hike despite the rain and I enjoyed the day. After the hike and walking 3km just to get back to the metro station, the evening was just chilling and taking it easy.

This was my last full day in Busan before heading back to Germany for a brief detour.


  1. Beomeosa is one of my favorite temples. There is an area that isn't as well known (sort of up a hill off to the right) with a pyramid type of structure with a bunch of really cool statues. I've never done the hike, but I hope to do it now that the weather is getting a bit nicer. How long did this route take you to hike?

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    Beomeosa is a very nice temple but I especially enjoyed the hike to get to it. Thanks for the hint with the pyramid, will have to check it out next time.

    The route didn't take that long overall, I would say maybe 3-4h but I guess with nicer weather it would have taken longer because I would have taken more photos and enjoyed more of the scenery rather than rush for shelter at times.