Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Day 274 - More people in Asakusa, Ueno and Akihabara

After the rather grey and dul day esterday, it was great to wake up to sunshine and blue sky. I did not have anything planned and since this was my last day in Tokyo, I figured I just chill and do yesterday's walk again.

The morning I spent walking around Asakusa and a bit around the Sensor-ji temple to take photos, I especially enjoyed he small underground ford stale at the metro station.

I did cross the bridge towards the Tokyo Skytree and the Asahi building to take some architecture photos there but was quickly more drawn to people as usual.

The sun helped to create some nice shadows and high contrast scenes so places that didn't seem that interesting only a day ago were now much more exciting and I spent more time taking photos around Ueno station.

This time there were a lot more people around Ueno park and the sunshine made for a nicer stroll through.

In the evening I met up with Martin again for a coffee and chat in Akihabara and I got to try his Sony a7r with the Voigtlander Helier 15mm M lens (the above picture is taken with it).

This was my last day in Tokyo, I'll be heading back to Busan tomorrow morning. This will be a stopover/layover for a week on my way back to Frankfurt.
I'll have to head back to Germany for a family matter so will have a slight detour in my trip around the world.

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