Friday, 9 May 2014

Day 276 - By the Sea in Busan

A sunny day in Busan so I decided to walk along the disused railway line from Haeundae to Songjeong to do some hiking and enjoy the great views.

The walk along the train line reminded me a bit of the High Line in New York. I hope they will improve this here over time to add more art installations, benches and maybe some vending machines along the way.

On the way to Songjeong you pass by a small harbor and can get some food at one of the small seafood restaurants.

Songjeong is a small place and beach with quite a few coffee shops along the promenade, it is also quieter than Haeundae so makes for a more relaxed atmosphere.

The walk back, I decided to take a route through the woods and along the hill next to the train tracks to get a bit of shade.

Once I got back to Haeundae, I walked along the beach and made use of the free wifi available while watching the sun go down.

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