Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Day 280 - Hiking on Jangsan Mountain

After spending the day in the city and taking photos at markets yesterday, it was again time for some nature today.

Jangsan mountain is a popular hiking spot in Busan offering great views over Haeundae and also a few temples on the way up.

On m y way up to the top, I met a nice guy who asked mew if I would mind if he would join. Since it's always nice to have company, I agreed and we both started hiking up the mountain.

It was good to have some company and we could chat while hiking up the mountain, he also knew the way so I didn't have to try and figure out the Korean signs.

The views were very nice, especially the higher up we got, at some point we walked past the air-force base there so got to see some mine field warnings and I felt almost like being back in Thailand next to the Myanmar border.

We had a great time hiking up and then down the mountain, had some drinks after and he even offered to find me a teaching job in Busan.

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