Thursday, 1 May 2014

Day 268 - Back to Tokyo

After spending the morning in Osaka, it was time to head back to Tokyo for one night before continuing to Nikko.


Despite having spent a lot of time here, I chose another hotel in Shinjuku since it's one of the best areas to take photos in. It is also quite a big difference once you arrive back here from the other cities in Japan.

Still, Shinjuku is a mad and crazy place but good fun and very interesting to explore and take photos.

The lights and sounds everywhere coupled with all kinds of people you encounter do give a special feel and character if you're around the Kabukicho area especially.

As I said before, I could spend hours and days wandering about here and taking photos although it is sometimes easy to get overwhelmed and just end up snapping away without any real purpose.

This will probably be the last night around Shinjuku though as I'll be leaving for Nikko tomorrow and when I'm back in Tokyo I'll stay at a place in Roppongi so this should give a change.

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