Sunday, 11 May 2014

Day 278 - From Haeundae to Gwangalli Beach

I started the day by walking along Haeundae beach, then on via Centum City to the cinema and finally having a beer at Gwangalli beach.

I am not really a beach person as I get bored if I can't walk around and take photos but it's nice to be near a beach and go for a walk from there.

It's quite nice to walk from the beach into the modern Dongbaek area with all the glass and steel skyscrapers there. Still, they didn't forget to add parks and enough greenery in between so it's not just concrete around the skyscrapers.

The different areas in Busan all feel quite different from each other and in a way a lot like Hong Kong, this keeps things more interesting.

In the afternoon I went to the cinema to see a movie and picket a Korean movie called The Target. I figured when I'm in Korea, I might as well watch a Korean movie even without subtitles.

After the movie and dinner, I walked to Gwangalli Beach to take some photos of the Gwangan Bridge and have beer on the beach while enjoying the view.

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