Friday, 2 May 2014

Day 269 - Nikko

After a short Shinkansen ride and a normal train journey, I arrived in Nikko. This was the first time here for me despite hearing only positive things about it, somehow I never made it here before.

Once you arrive at one of the two Nikko stations you have to walk around 1km or take a bus to get to the main temples and World Heritage area.

While zoo can do a trip to Nikko an back to Tokyo in one day, I would recommend to stay the night and just enjoy Nikko a bit more without having to rush back.

Nikko has some very nice temples and shrines but most of these are quite expensive to visit so it's better to go for the 2nd attraction in Nikko and go hiking instead.

Hiking in Nikko is actually great fun and you not only get less tourists but also get to see more of the landscape that makes Nikko different from Kamakura for example.

Sure, the temples, shrines and tombs in Nikko are very nice but if you've seen some before there is no real need to pay the extra money to see more of the same. Instead just go for a hike around the forest and great landscape around Nikko.
Not only will you escape the tourists but you'll also see some temples for free and get to enjoy he nice scenery more.

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