Monday, 13 April 2009

Noticepost on Bergmannstrasse

GRD, f6.3, 1/500, ISO 200, JPG

On my way out of Berlin, I decided to stop by Bergmannstrasse and stroll around. I first heard of this street during Photokina. Ricoh had two books from Stefan Maria Rother 'BERGMANNstrasse', a German photographer who used the two GRD cameras for his work. The books are worth checking out.

I decided to go there and do my own street and people photography to compare my style with his for fun. I planned of posting a series on it but going there early on a bank holiday is probably not the best starting point for people and street photography. I got some very nice shots none the less but found that this picture, for me, somehow embodies more the street and people who live and pass by there than any other picture I took and it does also not compete with the work of Stefan Maria Rother in any way.

I realized that I posted only street photos from Berlin but not a lot about the place as such. I will upload a Berlin Gallery on Dropbox by tomorrow and provide the link.


  1. Torn posters , each at sometime announced an event which someone considered important, but now are torn scraps of paper. The tree with its ring also records the passing of time, while the camera freezes an instant. Thought provoking shot.

  2. Thanks Yesbuts, you explained my thoughts when choosing this picture very well. This is why I went for this instead of one of my other pictures, for me this somehow symbolizes the people and area bestwithout really showing either.