Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Die Welt - Berlin

LC1, f5, 1/1000, ISO 100, RAW, 60mm

Arrived in Berlin today and went for a walk. Have to say it is a nice city, modern with great architecture and it is pretty laid back. It is however not quite as expected and right now I am not sure if I like it or not. It is not as inspiring as Hong Kong to take pictures where I could not stop.
It was hazy day and this might have been the main reason I haven't been that inspired. The picture I chose for today is one of my favorite. The main reason I chose it however is that it has Berlin written in it ;).


  1. With the absence of postings, I guessed your were on one of your weekend hols. Hope you have a nice time in Berlin

  2. Thanks Yesbuts! Guess my posting habbits are well known to the regular readers like you are. :)

    Berlin was quite nice and worth a visit.