Sunday, 5 April 2009

Burnt Out

I posted quite a few series recently so my motto of 'One Day. One Picture.' did not quite apply. But sometimes it is necessary to show a series of 5 pictures to give a better feel to a place or theme.

I took the pictures today in a burnt out building nearby with the Panasonic LC1. Always wanted to go there and take pictures but never really got round to. It was really lucky that I could go in and take pictures close up. As much as I enjoyed taking pictures in Bodiam Castle, I somehow found taking pictures of this building more inspiring but also more challenging. It is easy to take a nice picture of a beautiful place or great building but taking interesting pictures of decay is a bigger challenge. The weather was on my side today and I went there at the right time to have the sun provide great light and shadows inside.


  1. Love the lighting in the 3rd & 5th shot.
    When I see derelict buildings like this, I think, what were they like in their heyday, what stories do the walls hold. A crumbling house was at one time, someone's pride and joy, or perhaps a place of bad memories.

  2. Thanks Yesbuts, the 5th is also my favorite picture of the day.
    I have the same feelings as you, what is the story behind some buildings? This was home to a football club, was it burnt down by a rival football club or was it lightning, faulty wiring? Sometimes it is more interesting not to know exactly but make up your own mind and keep the mystery.