Monday, 20 April 2009

Three Cranes

GRD, f8, 1/800, ISO 200, JPG b&w

I love cranes and I like taking pictures of reflections, although I don't get to do this very often. While taking a walk home today I saw the reflection of these three cranes and found it looked very good and could make a great b&w picture. I used ISO 200 to get some noise in the picture but also because I find it gives crisper images when compared to ISO 64 or ISO 100 on the GRD I.


  1. This looks really good Cristi. Today I did some comparison of unprocessed and processed photographs. While I tend to favor the processed ones, others seems to like the unprocessed ones. You mention using ISO 200 to make the photograph look crisper. I have a hard time getting more crisper looking photographs from the GX200 as a result of the lens and the sensor.

    But again. I love the composition and the B&W look.


  2. This is a good one...I'm going to try using 200 for a while. Been testing RAW at ISO 100.

  3. Thanks Wouter!
    I think you have raised a very interesting topic for discussion.
    Like you, I find post processing is fine if it's within the limits and if it goes beyond the limits but only if it's made clear that it is processed.
    As for the crisp images, the lens on the GRD is mainly responsible for the look at ISO 400 in particular. If you can you should try to get a GRD I, I believe you will like the camera very much.

    Thanks James, ISO 200, 400 and 1600 give for me the best image quality and are very crisp if shooting JPG, for RAW all ISO settings are fine unless you use long exposures.

  4. This is a great shot, you have captured the light and reflection perfectly.

  5. Thanks for your comment Yesbuts!