Friday, 8 May 2009

Danger Razorwire

CX1, f6.8, 1/660, ISO 80, JPG, 74mm

On my way home I decided to take a walk through Greenwich and take a few pictures on the way. This is the one I like most from today. I changed the contrast, added noise and converted it to b&w to get a grittier look.


  1. The Danger sign sets the picture up perfectly.

  2. Very nicely done, Cristi - particularly like the high-contrast look of this image

  3. Thanks Nick, I have used photoshop to get this high contrast b&w look and add some noise. It is a shame that the CX does not have the option to adjust the b&w settings in cameras like the GRDs and GX200 have. I do like the high contrast b&w look, this is probably the reason why I like the GRD I so much.